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Free yourself from old entanglements with Emotional Cord Cutting and experience Freedom from Unwanted Negative Mental Emotional Energy Ties.

Emotional Cord Cutting 

Do you ever find yourself losing you emotional energy to the memory of past relationships, insults, injustices or hurts? Does the mention of someone knock you off your center into anger, resentment, or jealousy? Would you like to find more peace in your heart and more energy, patience and fun in your life?

Perhaps the time has come to cut your ties and leave your losses behind!

The emotional Cord Cutting process eliminates all Negative Emotional Bonds by severing the physic cords attached to the energy body, from you third eye to your feet. These negative psychic bonds occur in the following areas according to their function:

  • Third Eye: Mental Contact
  • Mouth/Throat: Spoken Words
  • Heart: Emotions of Love & hurt
  • Solar Plexus/Genitals: Guilt & Sex
  • Thighs/Knees: Bearing a heavy load
  • Shins/feet: Walking you talk; Honest

When a person engages in sexual intimacy, that act creates an energetic cord, a tie from the female’s womb, most often to the males’ solar plexus charka or power center. The female then will feed energy to the male for seven full years thereafter.

Any unwanted emotional tie of sexual or other origin, can be eliminated with the Emotional Cord Cutting.